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CD - Encanto das Aguas

CD, Encanto Das Aguas from Brazil (SKU 3795)

This amazing debut album by Jangadeiros de Yemaya is called Encanto das Águas, Enchantment of the Waters, and is made up of 14 songs, invocations and praises to the beings living in the spiritual kingdom of the waters. Songs accompanied by arrangements that touch the heart, sensitize our reason and awaken the mystical waters inside of us. Lyrics are included in the booklet which comes with this CD.

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“Encanto das Águas” by Jangadeiros de Yemaya

The band is made up of friends, “brothers and sisters of the faith” as they say in Brazil, talented musicians who share the same spiritual path, all followers of the Santo Daime and Umbanda religions. The  CD was idealized by Catarina, a long time leader of a Daime center, a great channel for medicine songs, and blessed with a lovely voice. The other voices are from Janaina and her sister Fernanda, born into the medicine and also blessed with great voices. The musicians are Gabriel, Catarina's son and a great guitar player, Irineu who grew up deep in the Amazon where he dedicated his life to playing his guitar and praising the divine, and Saba who is a master of percussion.
The band was born with the objective and desire to make this phonographic register of sacred music from genuinely Brazillian religious manifestations like Santo Daime, Umbanda and others like the African tradition which are also very much alive in Brazil. It is a selection of songs mostly channeled by members of the band and a few more traditional ones as sung in the ceremonies of these religious manifestations.

Primeval waters, source of life and abode of to the Creator.
Waters of Mãe Oxum, Queen Yemanjá and Nanã Buruquê

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