Phyllomedusa bicolor (Kambo)

Frog Venom Stick, Wrapped In Cornleaf, Matse from Peru (SKU 0937)

Always fresh stock. Kambo venom is collected on a small bamboo stick and dried, then wrapped in corn leaf to protect its contents. The sticks we offer are all handmade by different tribesmen. Each Kambo stick is unique, but should contain enough venom for approximately 75-100 so-called "dots". The tribe we get the kambos from is the Matse`s, living between Peru and Brazil in the Amazonian region. Our good friend gets the kambo from two communities that consist of about twenty families. More detailed information below.

...or rather Animal Info:

Phyllomedusa bicolor, also known as the Giant Leaf Frog or the Giant Monkey Frog, is a large green noctural frog that lives in the trees of the Peruvian and Brazilian Amazon. Males 91-103 mm, females 111-119 mm. The dorsum is dark green and the belly varies from white to yellow-white or cream. There are sparse white spots with dark frames on the lower lips, chest and front legs, and these are more dense on the flanks and hind legs. Fingers are transparent brown with large green adhesive discs. A prominent gland extends from behind the eye over the tympanum. The iris is dark gray. The species is arboreal and nocturnal. Males usually call from high trees, and descend with the female to construct nests 1-3 meters above ponds. Reproduction occurs throughout the year in ponds near to, or far from, streams, with a peak from November to May (rainy season). The females deposit about 600 unpigmented eggs in a gelatinous mass in leaf nests hanging over ponds. The leaves are joined or folded with the aid of the male. After 8-10 days, the tadpoles hatch and fall into the water, where they complete development until metamorphosis. Like other amphibians from around the world, the giant monkey frog is threatened by climate change and habitat loss.[4]

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