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Leonotis nepetifolia (Klip Dagga)

Flower Petals, Resin Extract 5:1 from Peru (SKU 0708)

Klip Dagga flower petals resin 5:1 extract. Produced in our own laboratory in the Netherlands. This resin is made using only the flower petals of high quality Leonitus nepetifolia, harvested in the wild from the mountains in Peru. There are no leaves, stems or even flowertops used in making this resin. The flower petals contain the highest concentration of active constituents so this yields the strongest dagga resin available. Only natural food-grade ingredients are used in the production of this highly refined resin.

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Klip Dagga belongs to the Genus: Lamiaceae (Mint family). It is an erect, loosely branched annual that can grow 2.4 meters tall in its single growing season. Liking full sun it grows very quickly. It is often found along roadsides and in abandoned fields. The stems are strongly angled (square in cross section) and the leaves are in pairs opposite each other. The leaves are smooth with coarsely toothed margins, triangular in shape and 5-13 cm long. The flowers are borne in rounded, spiny clusters, 5-10 cm across, that encircle the stems so that it looks like the stems are growing right through the middle of the clusters. As the stems elongate, new flower clusters continue to develop above the older ones. The tubular flowers that peek out of the spiny heads are orange and furry, like a lion’s ear. The flowers are about 2.5 cm long and curve downward. This plant and Wild Dagga (Leonotis leonurus) look very similar and have the same common names: Lion’s Ear and Wild Dagga. The main difference seems to be that Klip Dagga has leaves like Catnip (Nepeta cataria) and the other Leonotis has leathery leaves. For both species, leaf shape varies depending where it is on the stem; higher up, it is narrow and long. Klip Dagga has become naturalized in subtropical and tropical areas all over the world and grows especially well in the Deep South. Hummingbirds love sipping at the flowers of the Dagga plants.

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