Pogostemon cablin (Patchouli)

Leaves, Cut from Indonesia (SKU 0162)

Very fragrant shredded Patchouli leaves, wild-harvested in Indonesia.

Patchouli is a tropical member of the Lamiaceae (Mint family), grown in the East and West Indies. The Patchouli plant is a bushy herb reaching two or three feet in height. The plant grows well in southern climates. It enjoys hot weather but not direct sunlight. If the plant withers due to lack of watering it will recover well and quickly once it has been watered. The seed-bearing purple-tinged white flowers are very fragrant and bloom in late fall. The tiny seeds may be harvested for planting, but they are very delicate and easily crushed. Cuttings from the motherplant can also be rooted in water to produce further plants. Leaves are harvested several times a year, dried, and exported for distillation of the oil, although the highest quality oil is usually produced from fresh leaves, distilled close to the plantation.

The scent of Patchouli is heavy and strong. A rich Musky-sweet, strong spicy and herbaceous smell. Perfume-note: Base.

The fragrance of Patchouli has a grounding and balancing effect on the emotions and banishes lethargy, while sharpening the wits. Helpful with depression and anxiety. It is also said to create an amorous atmosphere.

Patchouli balances and stimulates the Yin meridians of the body. Also balancing to the base and spleen Chakra and all conditions associated with them. Aligns the lower two Chakras with the heart center, stimulating greater energy for life. The scent calms emotions and strife and can be used to ease argumentative conditions and environments. Known as an aphrodisiac, partly due to its affect on the feminine energies within the body. Also good for easing melancholy and problems with overeating. Influences particular to sex, physical energy, and money.

This is a natural product, used as incense or in perfumery, or as an ingredient of incense and other perfumery or potpourri preparations.
Some incense plants or products may have some history of other folklore purposes, but we offer this product for its use as incense. Not food grade, not for consumption.

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